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Klipsch THX-5000-LCR THX Ultra2 Two-Way LCR Speaker (Single)

njoy versatile placement options with the Klipsch THX-5000-LCR THX Ultra2 Two-Way LCR Speaker. It features 1/4"-20 bolt holes on the back for wall or ceiling mounting with a compatible mount and can be used at any position in a home theater system – in the front at the left, center, or right position, or as a surround channel. The THX-5000-LCR uses a 1" titanium dome tweeter mated to a 90 x 60° Tractrix horn for enhanced highs, and two 5.25" Cerametallic cone woofers for mids and lows down to 80 Hz. The THX-5000-LCR accepts up to 100W of RMS power from your amplifier.

THX Ultra2-Certified

Designed primarily for front left, center, or right reproduction in high-performance home theaters, the THX-5000-LCR can also be used as a surround channel or in a combination home theater/music system. It's rear-panel 1/4"-20 threads make it compatible with wall or ceiling speaker mounts rated for 40 lb or higher.

10 x 6", 90 x 60° Tractrix Horn

The 10 x 6", 90 x 60° Tractrix horn helps raise the efficiency of the 1" titanium-dome compression tweeter, optimizing its radiation pattern. The horn is designed to enable the speaker to meet THX Ultra2 directivity specifications without the lobing and comb filtering effects of multi-tweeter options. Its dual 5.25" woofers are designed with large, magnetically shielded motor structures that drive rigid, low-mass Cerametallic cones for high output with low distortion.

Rabbet and Dado Construction

The speaker features a rabbet and dado locked panel construction design to help ensure sonic purity, consistency, and reliability.



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