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Kanto YU2 100 Watt PC Gaming Desktop Speakers, Built-In USB DAC, White (YU2MW)

Enjoy enhanced audio quality from your computer with this pair of matte white Kanto Living YU2 Powered Desktop Speakers. They feature 1/8" and USB inputs for simple connectivity to your desktop or laptop computer, or other compatible audio source. Each speaker has a 3" Kevlar woofer and a 0.75" silk dome tweeter to produce a total RMS output of up to 50W. An 1/8" AUX cable, a USB cable, and speaker wire to connect the two speakers together are included for instant connectivity.

Silk Dome Tweeters

The YU2's 0.75" tweeters are made from silk to deliver a high-frequency range that's bright and refined. Their dome shape improves sound dispersion to ensure your ears capture every sound, regardless of where you are in the room.

Kevlar Woofers

Well-known for its strength and rigidity, Kevlar ensures accurate sound reproduction even at higher volumes. Crank your favorite tunes without sacrificing performance.

Designed for Your Desktop

Featuring a built-in DAC, the YU2 lets you connect directly to your computer via USB. Eliminate any interference that your computer's onboard soundcard may pick-up while enjoying a fully digital, high-quality audio connection.

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