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Austere V Series Subwoofer Cable 5.0m



Austere Subwoofer cables are designed to produce powerful bass. Created using Austere aDesign philosophy, these cables have visually stunning housings integrated with our SoftTouch finish that’s both durable and flexible enough for any tight installation. The LinkFit connector creates an ironclad connection that won’t shake loose, regardless of the system’s bass vibrations. And our all-metal contacts are pure gold, so they’ll never oxidize, which ensures a lifetime of unparalleled performance. Always.


Austere Subwoofer Cable delivers a seamless audio connection that performs beyond expectations. Austere Subwoofer Cable provides unaltered audio without interference. Whether you’re plugging it in permanently or moving often, this cable can handle the pressure.



Feature Bullets

Premium Audio \\ Our Premium Audio Subwoofer cable is designed with today’s most innovative technologies and advanced specifications possible. These cables enhance the investment you made in your home system by delivering all of the performance possible


Engineered for Excellence \\ Austere Subwoofer cable is engineered using the most advance materials available on the market today. Our Pure Gold Contacts and Copper Shielding won’t erode over time, which ensures a lifetime of peak performance


Install with Ease \\ Austere’s proprietary SoftTouch Cables are nimble and flexible in-order to route comfortably in tight places for easy installation. You will not find a more malleable Subwoofer AV cable on the market today


aDesign Philosophy \\ At Austere we not only believe in the details, we obsess over them. Our LinkFit Connectors ensure a locking connection to your devices. You’ll receive unparalleled performance and an iron-clad connection


Lifetime Guarantee \\ We stand behind this product for its lifetime or we’ll give you your money back

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