Sunfire HRS8 8 Inch High Resolution Subwoofer (Black)
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Sunfire HRS8 8 Inch High Resolution Subwoofer (Black)



Product Description

Owning the Best is Never an Extravagance. If your subwoofer puts out less than 1000 Watts, it's not an HRS Series subwoofer. And, all HRS subwoofers produce this prodigious sound in a cabinet no larger than the size of your monitor. If that's still not enough - the amplifier in all three HRS models incorporates Sunfire's unique Tracking DownconverterTM technology. Remarkably, this amp design remains incredibly cool while delivering up to 50% more voltage than our competitor's designs. More voltage means more control of the subwoofer itself. And more control means deeper, more accurate bass, something you'll truly appreciate every time you listen to your favorite music and movies. For medium-sized and multi-purpose rooms, where both music and movies are just what the doctor ordered, there's no better choice than the HRS-8. High performance from the smallest possible form factor. That's not merely a productdefinition; it's the philosophy behind every Sunfire subwoofer ever made. Now, withthe HRS Series, Sunfire takes this philosophy to a whole new dimension of performanceand value. Consider the most obvious case in point - the HRS-8. The HRS-8 is a perfectfit for tight locations and small rooms. But don't ever let its diminutive 8" profile fool you - the HRS-8 is a beautifully disguised, small bundle of dynamite that's capable of filling your room with more deep, punchy bass than you ever thought possible! In fact, the output is equal to most subwoofers boasting drivers more than 20% larger. The HRS-8 sets an entirely new set of rules for how subwoofers in this price segmentshould perform.