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Sony's best 85" LED TV for 2021

Sony knows the process of movie production inside and out, including filming and editing. That expertise shines through in their highly rated TV lineup. The Z9J series is Sony's flagship, the best of the best, bringing together all of their best upgrades for 2021. The picture on this 8K TV really pops, providing a level of rich, lifelike detail that puts it a cut above even the best 4K models.


Powerful "cognitive" processing

Sony is famous for their powerful processing, and they've just raised the bar again. The Cognitive Processor XR™ harnesses the power of machine learning and marries it with a human perspective to create a truly immersive experience. Sounds like the opening to a sci-fi novel, I know, but hear me out.

A wide range of elements (contrast, color, texture, etc.) are cross-analyzed in each frame to detect and enhance key focal points. The number of specific details being adjusted can rise into the hundreds of thousands. Because these focal points are based on how we actually see the world, the image feels deeper and more lifelike.

Long story short, Sony's new cognitive processing technology produces a sharp, hyper-detailed image that's about as true-to-life as a TV can get.


Realistic, vibrant color

The TV's XR TRILUMINOS PRO™ display technology further enriches your experience by providing a wider palette of vivid colors. The additional subtlety in color variation helps the picture look authentic and natural.

Enhanced by HDR

The XR-85Z9J also supports the Dolby Vision® HDR (High Dynamic Range) format. This system adjusts brightness and color levels scene by scene for enhanced contrast and detail with Dolby Vision encoded programs, many of which are available through popular streaming services.

Impressive 3D TV sound

Sony's cognitive processing isn't just for the picture — it's used to enhance the sound as well, ensuring that you're always getting 3D audio, regardless of your source. The processing teams up with Sony's innovative frame tweeter design, which allows the TV's frame itself to produce sound. Sound effects can be projected vertically or to the side, and positioned where the source of a sound appears on-screen. This allows the XR-85Z9J to produce immersive 3D audio without the need for additional equipment around the room.

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