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Panamax SP8-AV Power line conditioner and surge protector

About the Panamax SP8-AV


Guard your home theater system against harmful spikes and power fluctuations with the Panamax SP8-AV. This surge suppressor also filters out the RF (radio frequency) and electromagnetic interference that can degrade your system's performance.


The SP8-AV comes with eight outlets, each conveniently spaced to allow for bulky transformers. A set of coaxial input/output jacks protects your cable, antenna, or digital satellite TV connections. There's also a protected telephone line input/output.


The surge suppressor reacts in less than a nanosecond during a spike, breaking the connection to keep your equipment safe. The 6-ft. power cord's right-angle plug hugs the wall, for an easy fit behind a chair or sofa.

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