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Panamax MB850 Uninterruptible power supply,voltage regulator and surge protector

Be sure of your power supply. Power coming into homes today varies widely in quality.

Power cleaning and premium filtration are needed to eliminate common symptoms of AC line noise, such as loss of detail, pops, hisses, hums, and visual artifacts, and allow equipment to perform at its full capacity for an optimal home theater experience.

With the Panamax MB850 Battery Backup, you never have to wonder about power fluctuations again.

The incoming utility power may be damaging to important data files, but with Automatic Voltage Regulation, the computer will not experience damaging voltage levels.

An Automatic Voltage Regulator automatically increases low or decreases high voltage to a consistent, computer safe 110v/120v.

The Panamax MB850's powerful sealed lead-acid batteries will provide power only if the incoming voltage drops below 90v or increases above 140v. During power disruptions the MB850 Battery Backup provides constant power to your equipment.

Its top features include protection for: the Lamp Based Display to prevent expensive lamp burnout in lamp based displays (cooling fan can continue to properly cool down lamp); DVR to avoid loss of DVR recorded TV programming; Gaming to prevent the loss of unsaved games - during saving / loading; HT System to avoid the time & hassle rebooting home theater system.


Dimensions: 4.375W x 10.25D x 8.875H inches

Output Power: 850VA / 510 Watts with AVR

Output Voltage: 90V - 140V

Frequency Output: 57 - 63 Hz

AVS Smart Boost: Boost 10% of input voltage for output

Surge Energy Capacity: 890 Joules

Maximum Surge Current: 36,000 Amps

Design Specification: NSI/IEE C62.41 CAT A

Runtime: Up to 120 minutes

Recharge: 8 hours from total discharge

Normal Life: 3 to 6 years

Battery Type: Sealed maintenance free lead acid

Voltage Output: 120V ±5V

Frequency Output: 60Hz

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