Monster™ Power Home Theatre Reference Power Center HTS 2000 MKII
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Monster™ Power Home Theatre Reference Power Center HTS 2000 MKII



Product Description

Developed by Richard Marsh: Monster Clean Power circuitry was designed by Richard Marsh, a world leading designer of ultra-high performance audiophile power circuits.

Stage 2 v. 2.0 Clean Power Circuitry: This circuitry provides higher current, superior grade filtering for audiophile quality sound and a better picture. It isolates audio components from video components to improve their performance.

Tri-mode Circuitry: A Tri-mode AC overvoltage auto disconnect safety feature prevents catastrophic, high-voltage power disturbances from damaging components.

High-current Audio Filter: The isolated high-current filter is optimized for maximum noise rejection, while providing maximum current to high-current audio components.

Audio Filter: The switched outlets have a special filter that reduces audible noise in your audio components.

Video Interference Reduction Filter: The unswitched outlets have a special filter that reduces interference with your video components. 

Dual Digital LED Meter: Separate LED meters display the incoming voltage and your system's total current draw in Amps.

Remote DC Control: This feature provides an on/off trigger for the HTS 2000 MKII using a 3-30VDC remote control signal. Many components have a 12VDC trigger built-in and will transmit a constant power signal when turned on and in use. When you turn the component on, the HTS 2000 MKII's switched outlets will turn on immediately. The Remote DC Control input uses a standard 1/8" mini-plug jack.

Power Surge Alerts: An audible alarm and visual surge indicator alert you when a surge has occurred.

Color-coded Outlet Tabs: Each component connection is color-coded for easy identification. The supplied self-adhesive cord labels prevent you from accidentally disconnecting the wrong cord.

Power Cord: The unit features an 8' high-current PowerLine 200 power cord with 24k gold-plated contacts for maximum power transfer. The "FlatProfile" right-angle plug design protrudes less than 1" from wall socket to allow room for furniture placement near wall.

Wall Mounting: Keyhole slots on the back panel allow you to wall mount the HTS2000 MKII using optional screws.

$250,000.00 Connected Equipment Warranty: For a period of 5 years from the purchase date, Monster Cable will replace, or, at its option, pay to repair or pay the fair market value of equipment that is damaged by an AC power, cable, telephone, or lightning surge while properly connected to the surge protector. Every wire leading into or out of the equipment must be connected properly to the surge protector and the unit must be connected to a properly grounded 3-wire outlet or the warranty will be invalid. Conditions and information on how to make a claim are included in the manual.

Controls and Indicators

Top of Unit: 

  • Master On/Off Power Switch: illuminates in red when on
  • Protection On LED: illuminates in green to indicate that components are protected
  • Ground OK LED: illuminates in green to indicate that house wiring is properly grounded
  • Reset Button: allows resetting of circuit breaker

Inputs and Outputs

Top of Unit:

  • Video Filter Switched Outlets: two 3-prong color-coded outlets labeled DVD and TV/Monitor
  • Video Filter Unswitched Outlets: four 3-prong color-coded outlets labeled Accessory, VCR1, VCR2, and Cable/Sat
  • Audio Filter Switched Outlets: four 3-prong color-coded outlets labeled Preamp, CD, Tape, and Audio Accessory
  • High Current Audio Filter Unswitched Outlets: two 3-prong color-coded outlets labeled Receiver and Main Amp
  • Telephone/Network Input/Output: allows you to hook up to telephone lines (RJ11) or networks (RJ45)
  • Cable/Satellite Coaxial Connections: CATV input/output, SAT input/output, and Antenna input/output; each input/output has threaded "F-type" connectors

End of Unit:

  • AC/DC In: 1/8" minijack (3-30VDC)


  • High Capacity 2775 Joule Protection
  • Electrical rating: 125VAC, 15 Amp