Bose Professional ControlSpace EX-8ML
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Bose Professional ControlSpace EX-8ML



Product Description

Optimized for use with the EX-1280C, EX-12AEC, and EX-440C, the EX-8ML Dante™ endpoint, is a convenient, cost effective solution for connecting up to 8 conferencing microphones over a single cat-5/6 cable. Whether used under a conference table, daisy-chained with other EX or endpoints, or standalone in a rack, the EX-8ML adds 8 high-quality microphone/line inputs, 8 GPI, and 16 GPO to your networked audio system. Autodiscovery, drag and drop programming, auto-routing routing, and simplified logic control in ControlSpace® Designer™ make configuring the EX-8ML easy. Tasks such as configuring microphone LED status and microphone mute actions are greatly simplified within ControlSpace Designer without requiring external control system programming.