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Bose L1PRO32-SUB2 L1 Pro32 Portable Line Array System with Sub2 Powered Bass Mod

With the supreme clarity and output of a 32-driver articulated line array, the L1 Pro32 with Sub2 Powered Bass Module offers 180-degree horizontal coverage and the most focused vertical coverage pattern and highest SPL over distance in an L1 ever — providing intricate sonic detail, clarity, and consistency, even off to the extreme sides in larger venues.


For DJs, singer-songwriters, bands — and your audience — the L1 Pro32 offers a truly superior experience. It gives you the power to sound your best and simply perform.


The L1 Pro32 combined with the Bose Sub2 subwoofer, features a 10" × 18" high-excursion neodymium RaceTrack driver. Sub2 is a more powerful option and plays lower and louder. With this unique RaceTrack driver design, Sub2 offer bold bass, has an optimized center of gravity, and saves a lot of space. The slim design means you get the full impact of a conventional subwoofer without the cumbersome size. Plus, proprietary SubMatch connectivity means you can connect the Sub2 to the L1 Pro32 with a single cable that delivers both power and audio.

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