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About ControlCenter CC-2D Digital Zone Controller

Product Description


Bose Professional ControlCenter digital zone controllers provide volume and source selection for Bose CSP, ControlSpace ESP, and ControlSpace EX sound processors. Powered using PoE, multiple processors can be used simultaneously on an Ethernet-based network. Feature volume/source LED indicators, and fit one-gang electrical boxes.

Key Features

User-friendly interface features a single rotary encoder for volume (knob turn), source selection (knob push) and mute (knob push and hold) with an illuminated volume and source LED indication

Networkable and PoE-powered: Ethernet-based and uses PoE for power; no special cabling or external power supplies required

Programmable: Installers can set discrete volume ranges and source options in software; multiple units can be used simultaneously in expansive projects with Bose CSP, ControlSpace ESP, and ControlSpace EX-based systems

Custom labels: Each zone controller includes a sheet of pre-printed labels, with two blanks for custom labeling

Compatible with Bose CSP, ControlSpace ESP, and ControlSpace EX sound processors, and Bose PowerMatch networked amplifiers

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