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The MMS-1e Music Streamer is a solid-state, single-source music player complete with the features and functionality expected from the Mirage family of products. Seamlessly integrate the MMS-1e into any popular automation system, and deliver playback of pure, 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio, in addition to the most popular online music streaming services. Plus, mirrored physical outputs via eAudioCast™ allow for the utmost flexibility. Paired with the M-120e Digital Amplifier, the MMS-1e supports up to two discrete streams of audio-over-Ethernet using eAudioCast technology.

High Resolution Output

As with the premium music servers in the lineup, the MMS-1e supports full High Resolution Audio (HRA) at 24bit/192kHz.

Flexible Output Options

The MMS-1e supports one analog output through its on board HRA 24bit/192kHz DAC, plus mirrored High Resolution PCM digital outputs in both Coax and HDMI formats.


The MMS-1e will support one physical stream mirrored to Analog, PCM, and HDMI outputs. Our proprietary eAudioCast™ technology enables two network streams of audio to be played back on the MMS-1e versus usage of the single stream available with use of one of the physical outputs. eAudioCast™ network streams are only available for use when the MMS-1e is paired with a complementing eSeries Mirage Digital Amplifier.

All Solid State

All eSeries products are completely solid state. Autonomic has eliminated all moving parts from its entire lineup with solid state storage and passive cooling systems, which translates to years of trouble free and silent performance, lower power consumption, and better responsiveness.

Wi-Fi Support

The MMS-1e supports both wired and bi-directional Wi-Fi connections for convenient placement.

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