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Acegear High Speed 8K HDMI Home Theater Cable 2.1V (2 Meters)

High-strength HDMI Cable 2.1 Ultra-HD (UHD) 8K HDMI Cable 2.1 48Gbs with Audio and Ethernet HDMI Cable 1M 2M 5M 10M 15M HDR 4: 4: 4


High Speed with Ethernet

3D enabled

8K @120Hz

48Gbps, HDR

Audio Return Channel

HDCP 2.2


Gold-Plated plugs,

Copper Conductor,

Metal Connector In RED color

Outer Jacket:PVC Jacket


High Speed: industry standard bandwidth of 48Gbs allows unrestricted video in 8K (UHD) 1440p (QHD 1080) andp (HD) Enjoy unparalleled video quality, crisp and accurate sound, and seamless ethernet connection Damping with these PowerBear HDMI cables.

Gold plated connectors: High quality gold plated connectors ensure a solid connection with all your devices. The welded design and heavy cable ends ensure longevity and ensure that the cable does not break from being accidentally towed or pulled!

This cable is perfect for any desktop or entertainment setup, and is guaranteed to last in long-term applications.

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