The NEW 2020 Lineup for LG OLED TVs

The NEW 2020 Lineup for LG OLED TVs

The NEW 2020 Lineup for LG OLED TVs


OLED is an emissive technology, which means the pixels emit their light. Now, this is different from LED screens, which are transmissive, which means that they need a backlight shining through the pixels at all times to create the light you see.  So, in short, there is always light behind the screen.

For OLEDs, that's not a problem. They allow truly inky dark blacks and a whole palette of vibrant and unspoiled colors on top. OLED panels are incredibly thin, which means you can wall-mount them far flusher than most TVs.

Brightness is essential, although it doesn't matter in a dark room where you're planning on watching a movie, you won't feel the difference, but in a bright place, things are different. That's why OLED is a winner here, with its eye-popping lit pixels OLED manages to balance both dark and bright places



There are no less than 14 new LG OLED TVs for 2020 across six ranges, spanning over 48 inches to 85 inches. For the first time, you'll be able to experience a 48 inches LG OLED TV. Many prospective owners have been asking for this option, and lucky for them, in 2020, LG will be offering it.


The 2020 lineup also includes a brand new ultra-thin Gallery series, which has wall-mountable and features with built-into connections - there's no external connection box or soundbar.


LG's ZX Real 8K OLEDs will be among the first 8K TVs. LG is aiming to differentiate its 8K TVs from others based on "contrast modulation," which means how many pixels how clearly and distinctly they appear to the eye. With its Alpha 9 Gen 3 Intelligent processor and Dolby vision IQ, filmmaker mode experience a whole new concept of TVs

 LG has assured its 8K TVs can play 8K content over their HDMI and USB inputs, and support the streaming codecs by streaming platforms like YouTube, HEVC, VP9, and AV1. Every 8K set supports 8K at 60fps for streaming and over HDMI.


2020 sees the arrival of a new and better version of LG's picture processor, Alpha 9 Gen 3, to be precise. This unique, improved, and more powerful chip is, found in every LG 8K and 4K OLED TV bar, the entry-level BX range, which uses an older Alpha 7 Gen 3 chip.



LG's WX Wallpaper series returns this year with a completely separate soundbar. LG has also confirmed that its 65 inches 4K rollable OLED (65RX) that made its debut way back at CES in 2019 will now finally go on sale later this year as well.



LG CX 65inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV


With its self-lighting OLED intense color and infinite contrast experience, HD quality like never before. WebOS plus ThinQ artificial intelligence that's designed to recognize what you're pointing at with your Magic Remote.





LG CX 4K comes in three sizes 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches with the Dolby Vision, IQ, and Dolby Atmos and α9 Gen 3 Al Processor 4K with Al Pictures Pro/Sound Pro comes with Magic Remote, welcomes you to the world of innovation.



The difference between the brightest and the darkest is the Contrast Ratio. Since CR is the essential aspect of picture quality, OLED TVs manage to function in extremely bright spaces, and can also produce absolute black contrast with no blooming. It has the best contrast ratio of any modern display.

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